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Hey im 15 and i have a chest bone that sticks out quite ... My 17 year old son inheirted the same condition from me and has a protruding sternum which sticks out ...

Question: I am a 21-year old male. The middle bone at the bottom of my chest sticks out. I can push it in to where it would be normal, a good two inches.

Chest Orthosis - Pectus Carinatum. ... causing the sternum to stick out. Although the shape of the chest wall is distorted, ... PC continues until the bones stop growing.

Pectus carinatum, or pigeon chest, is a condition in which a child's breastbone (sternum) and rib cartilages stick out from their chest.

Protruding Sternum or Breastbone? Sign in to ... I have not so much noticed the sticking out breast bone as I have the muscle striations over/across my chest.