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Psychology Definition of MENARCHE: is the first incidence or occurrence of menstruation in a female. This marks the 'official' onset of puberty.

Spermarche—also known as semenarche—is the beginning of development of sperm in boys' testicles at puberty. It is the counterpart of menarche in girls.

Spermarche is one of the first events in the life of a male leading to sexual maturity. ... Psychology Wiki is a Fandom Lifestyle Community.

Psychology >> Chapter 9 - Lifespan; Shared Flashcard Set. Details. ... Definition. a process of sexual maturation: ... spermarche: Definition. first ejaculation:

Menarche is the culmination of a series of physiological and anatomic processes of puberty: ... Spermarche; Thelarche; References Further reading. Quinlan, R ...

Definition of "Spermarche" Spermarche - A boy's first ejaculation of sperm. Erections can occur as early as infancy, but ejaculation signals sperm production.

Developmental Psychology: ... Menarche /ˈmɛnˌɑɹ.ki/ is the first menstrual period, ... Spermarche; Thelarche; External links Edit.

Psychology Definition of GONAD: then name that is given to either of the primary male and female sex organs, the testis or the ovary.

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