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An opiate is a substance derived from the poppy plant (which contains opium). Opiates are sometimes called "natural" since the active ingredient molecules are made by ...

The difference between opiate vs. opioid is related to the effects they cause. Also, opiates are natural opium-derivatives while opioids are synthetic.

Opiate versus opioid: are prescription painkillers and illegal drugs that both run a high risk of leading to dependency. Learn more about the risks here.

Opiate vs. Opioid Opioids and opiates are very similar in their purposes and effects. The terms opiate and opioid are often used interchangeably to

Opiate or Opioid ? Many people may be confused by these two terms used by many interchangeably. In face they are not synonyms, but rather refer to related but ...

What’s the difference between opiates and opioids? Learn how they work & how they can easily be addictive. Visit Just Believe Recovery for rehab today.

Opiates are derived directly from the opium poppy by departing and purifying the various chemicals in the poppy. Opioids include all opiates but also include ...

Opioids are substances that act on opioid receptors to produce morphine-like effects. Opioids are most often used medically to relieve pain, and by people ...

It can be tricky to understand the difference between Opioids vs. Opiates. The main factors include drug type, drug effect, and the body's response.

Discover the difference between opiates vs. opioids while learning the signs of opioid abuse & addiction. Call us now for opioid addiction treatment!

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