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Are you looking for horse markings?

Horse markings are more than just a pretty pattern. They are used for identification and breed registration too. Have you heard the news lately?

Identifying Horse Parts and Markings. How to Respond to Horse Emergencies. Understanding a Horse’s Senses. Ten Ways to Keep Your Horse Healthy.

Learn all about horse colors, coat markings and patterns! Descriptions and pictures of colors of horses, and other similar lessons too!

Horse face markings are as varied as the animals who wear them. Each horse marking is wholly unique to them, but most fall under several broad categories.

Baby Horse Born With Horse-Shaped Marking. Home; Partnership; Advertise; Success stories; Jobs; Contact us ... horse markings, horse-shaped, unusual animal marking,

These 24 Horses Have The Most Unusual And Beautiful Colors In The World. #18 Is STUNNING. Animals. Subscribe Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Chart: Equine Face and Leg Markings These handy infographics will help you identify your horse's white markings. By Daniel Johnson | November 18, 2015