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The Greek underworld, in mythology, is an otherworld where souls go after death, and is the original Greek idea of afterlife. At the moment of death the ...

The Underworld was hidden deep in the earth and was the kingdom of the dead, ruled by god Hades. Hades was a greedy god, whose sole purpose was to increase the number ...

The Greek underworld is also known as Pluto and Hades, two words that were also used to describe the anthropomorphic power that governed this place.

the Underworld, because it is in the sunless regions under the earth, or; Hades' realm (or Hades) because the Underworld was Hades' third of the cosmos, just as the ...

Greek Mythology Link - a collection of myths retold by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology.

The Underworld, also known as Hades, was hidden deep in the earth and was the kingdom of the dead. It Map of Hades. was the location of the afterlife in Greek mythology.

Hades was both the name of the ancient Greek god of the underworld (Roman name: Pluto) and the name of the shadowy place below the earth which was considered the ...

The underworld is the place in Greek mythology where people go when they die. The underworld is controlled by Hades, one of the three main gods.

Greek Underworld Myths. Here you'll find information on some of the major Greek Underworld myths. Various heroes and one heroine help lay claim to their heroic ...

Greek mythology. Elysium. Satan frozen in Cocytus. Some sources say that the Greek variation of the Underworld is located across Oceanus, while others say it is deep ...

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